The cycle just repeats

Updated: Sep 15

Got off social media for a week again...felt great, and happy again.

Got on twitter for a couple hours...and I hate the world again 😒😞

It’s time to admit that I’m the problem, and that I’m just not made for social media, and I’m a relic of a different era...when being an artist meant more time actually *being* an artist and not constantly trying to gain an audience on social media platforms.

I just want to paint. That’s it. Just...paint.

Plus that whole problem with music (🤬)...anyways...plans scrapped, and I honestly don’t know what comes next. I’m not aware of any way to be an artist in today’s world without an online presence. If I can’t stand the way social media makes me feel anymore, and if I really have to choose between happiness and an art career...

I choose to be happier


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