More surfaces reclaimed

and ready to start their second journey to become paintings.

you’s strange. If you believe the news apps, artists all over the place are being discovered because the pandemic has ushered in a new era of art appreciation among the general public.

onky I haven’t seen any evidence of that at all myself. None.

2020 will always be the year for me that I spent the first half giving away my best, most valuable work. And the second half creating painting a no one will ever see.

i get that everyone is having a bad year in general because of the pandemic.

but geez it’s just been the worst year ever for me personally on just about every front. Health worse than ever and seems to plummet by the month. House is a lemon and falling apart. Can’t get seen or sell any work even though Ive been doing my best work. And I suddenly am a complete hermit pandemic aside. so I dunno. Not a banner year really. But if these artists get suddenly getting seen and appreciated is actually happening somewhere...good for them.

ok. Shower then more work to do.


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