Your Universe...


A year of change...that is perhaps the most fitting descriptor for 2020. 


A year of struggle for many, myself included.  So, I decided to do my part to combat the darkness seemingly sweeping across the globe...and give away some beautiful paintings.  Just to spread some joy in dark times.  With a small community of fans, we created and gave away over 250 original oil and acrylic paintings on Twitter.  I'm broke now, and out of supplies...and I have no idea what comes next...

Join us, and find out.

SciFiPainter is the vision, and life's work, of painter Jes Ewers.  Working in oils and acrylics, Jes paints the many worlds and universes that create the human experience. 


Jes's art career has spanned more than two decades, and he has collectors around the world.  The formative years of his work were an exploration of everything around him - from landscapes, to florals, to still lifes, to an ongoing love affair with surrealism and abstract work, Jes didn't limit the scope of his work.

As his twentieth year as an oil painter closed in, Jes felt the need to evolve and find new ground to explore.  For this he turned his brush to one of the longest, and deepest loves of his  Long inspired by astronomy, science fiction and science, he felt it was time to bring this passion to his work.

And thus was born SciFiPainter.  An exploration of our universe beyond the bounds of our own atmosphere, and all the possibilities that come with it.  And, perhaps, a few that don't...but that's why we love SciFi.

Jes's works are only available directly through the artist, right here at SciFiPainter.


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